In Home Hospice and Palliative Care 

If you have transitioned from finding a cure for your pet’s illness to focusing on comfort care, pet hospice may be a good choice. Pet hospice focuses on providing comfort and dignity to your pet in the days and weeks leading up to the end of life. It also focuses on you, the pet parents, as the primary caregivers and supporting you in the difficult decisions that come with advanced illness. 

The goal of pet hospice is to provide pain management, nutritional support, and mobility options until natural death occurs or the decision is made for humane euthanasia.

Hospice consultations and follow up appointments are performed in your home by Dr. Orvin. A hospice assessment is then created to allow us to establish goals for pain management, nutritional and hydration support, and to plan for ongoing care. It will also help us to establish end of life wishes tailored to your pet and your family. The assessment will be forwarded to you and your primary care veterinarian within 24 hours of our appointment to maintain the continuity of care for your pet. 

Hospice & Palliative Care Package                                                  $300

Initial relationship includes 4 weeks of the following services:          

  • Full review of previous medical records including communicating with specialists and primary care veterinarians
  • Initial in-home consultation- approximately 90 minute appointment
  • Written comprehensive care plan - emailed to you and your veterinarian
  • Management of care for your pet including adjustments to the care plan and continual communication via phone, email, and text.
  • Education on necessary nursing care (i.e.: medication administration, fluid administration, hygiene support)
  • One, in-home follow up- approximately 30 minute appointment                     

After the initial 4 week relationship, depending upon your family and pet’s needs, you may choose to continue the hospice relationship for $150/month to include 2 additional, 30 minute follow up appointments.

Additional Services:

  • Additional in-home visits: $80            
  • A Comfort Kit is provided, if necessary, which includes a pain medication and sedative to be administered by the family in the event of sudden, acute pain. The kit will be tailored to your pet’s specific disease processes and needs and is priced on a case-by-case basis.

In Home End of Life Consultation                                       $155

An end of life consultation is intended to help families with questions concerning quality of life and end of life decisions.  During our appointment, we will go through resources aimed at objectively determining a pet’s quality of life and discuss goals for the pet’s care. A brief assessment will be created and forwarded to the family and primary care veterinarian to maintain the pet’s continuity of care. This service can benefit families that do not wish to pursue a hospice relationship, but are having a difficult time determining if further care is appropriate or desired.

In Home Euthanasia Service                                               $230

Deciding to say goodbye is often the hardest decision a pet parent makes, but choosing to do so in the comfort and familiarity of the home can make the process a little easier. Please call to discuss your pet’s condition and schedule an appointment. While this is not an emergency service, every effort will be made to schedule a same day appointment if your pet’s condition requires.

What to expect-

In general, your pet will be sedated at the beginning of the appointment and prior to euthanasia to alleviate any anxiety or pain and allow for a peaceful, dignified passing. Once your pet and your family are ready, the doctor will proceed with the euthanasia. Usually, this takes only moments and the doctor will let you know once your pet has passed. At this point, you can spend any needed time with your pet to say goodbye before moving your pet for burial or transport to the crematorium based on your choosing at no additional cost. 

*An additional travel fee will be assessed beyond a 35-mile radius of Moncks Corner, SC. These fees will be determined when your appointment is booked.

Cremation Options

LCPH can suggest Pet Rest , McAlister-Smith , and Legacy Pets of Charleston for pet cremation services in our area. Please visit their websites to determine which one best suits your family’s needs. As a service, LCPH will transport your pet to the desired cremation service or we can coordinate with the service provider directly for transport. 

Home Burial

For home burial, please check local regulations. Some subdivisions and municipalities have regulations about pet burial.